Distinction Between Male and Female Painted Turtles

The sex recognition methods for painted turtles are nearly the same as the approaches for red-eared sliders. Here you will find the techniques to distinguish between a male and female painted turtle:

  • Such as the red-eared sliders, adult female painted turtles are usually bigger than the male people. The plastron of feminine painted turtles tends to be 4 to 5 ins very long. To the contrary, male painted turtles have only a three or four ins plastron that is long.
  • Your body development rate can also be various between a male and female turtle that is painted. it will take about 6 to a decade for a feminine turtle that is painted get matured. Having said that, men just need three to five years for getting sexually matured.
  • Male painted turtles have longer and thicker free sex finder tails compared to the females. [Read more...]

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