Whenever is Sex Tape on Channel 4? What’s it about?

Channel 4’s brand new truth show views a number of partners head to extreme measures to truly save their relationships

Despite its intentionally title that is inflammatory Sex Tape is certainly not Channel 4’s new show entirely about committing intercourse acts to movie.

The show is designed showing an entire image of three struggling partners as digital cameras film the entirety of their relationships – including exactly exactly just what they get right up to into the room.

Here’s all you need to find out about Intercourse Tape…

Whenever is Sex Tape on TV?

The four-part show airs on Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4, beginning on 26th April.

What exactly is Sex Tape about?

It’s truly a show to prevent viewing along with your moms and dads…

Weekly, three couples – a combination of heterosexual and that is LGBT digital cameras within their domiciles to fully capture every minute of these relationships, through the tender to your bitter into the passionate.

Before we see them within their many intimate moments, each couple covers the problems surrounding their partnerships including, in stark information, the sort of intercourse they’ve together with issues they feel they’re facing intimately. Episode one, for instance, views Brian and Victoria complain that their sex-life went from “wild” to “woeful”.

“At very first we had the Kama Sutra,” Brian explains. “But now there’s no spontaneity with regards to our relationship any longer, particularly when it comes down to the intercourse.

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