Ebony Widower Lured Ladies on Christian Internet Dating Sites

A man accused of pressing their wife off a cliff for insurance coverage money—and whose very first spouse additionally passed away in a freak ‘accident’—met their doomed bride on a dating internet site for the pious.

She dropped difficult for the incorrect man.

While in the dating internet site ChristianMingle, the high-achieving attention medical practitioner from Mississippi, a faithful Protestant, discovered and fancied a pauper from Colorado.

She married the so-called grifter, and 12 years later on, he’d lead their spouse on a surprise intimate nature hike in a nationwide woodland. But that party would mark Dr. Toni Henthorn’s final footsteps in her 50 many years of life. When it comes to effective, self-made Southerner and newbie mother would suffer a freakish death—plummeting from a 140-foot rocky scree with such dull force that her human human body sheared 3-inch-thick pine tree branches, her shoes went traveling and, after striking boulders below, she destroyed plenty bloodstream that medics later struggled to pull a viable blood test.

Now, her husband, Harold Henthorn, is claiming he’s innocent while standing trial in federal court in Denver, Colorado, on first-degree murder charges—accused of shoving Toni down a cliff in Colorado’s pristine sanctuary, Rocky hill National Park. [Read more...]